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Below is a list of Optisoft.NET versions and all the major changes and bug fixes contained within each release. For further information please call the support desk on 0345 230 3450.

Optisoft.NET v1.0.17335

  • The software will now remember the last user name entered.
  • An error caused by moving items up and down lists and editing their name in the same action, has been fixed.
  • An issue with automatic Postcodes has been resolved.
  • Icons on the Activity Pane are now Enabled/Disabled at the correct time.
  • Contacts can no longer be edited so that they don't have a contact type.
  • Old SMS's sent within Optisoft Enterprise can now be viewed in the Patient Document tab.
  • Old Microsoft Word templates can now be viewed in the Patient Document tab.
  • Deleted Templates no longer show in Patients SMS.
  • Saved Walk-In entries now appear in both Patient Spectacles and CL Rx.
  • Rx values can now be deleted, even when in use.
  • When typing a 2 digit year, the Patient Date of Birth field now selects the expected 4 digit year.
  • Capital letters are now retained when editing Analysis Codes.
  • An error caused when clicking the onscreen Analysis Code Maintenance button, has been fixed.
  • An error that prevented the export of the grid in the Recall Run Tab, has been fixed.
  • An issue with auto save when editing information in Recall Band Maintenance, has been resolved.
  • You can now click New Note on an Appointment without having to save it first.
  • The Appointments module will now show a maximum of 4 Diaries instead of 3.
  • Unavailable days and time slots have been made more obvious in the Appointments module.
  • Diary Name and the Date labels have been made bigger in the Appointments module.
  • Speed improvements to the way in which Templates are loaded has been applied.
  • Total number of results has been added to the Data Generator.

Optisoft.NET v1.0.17299

  • Multiple Errors caused by resizing or reordering columns within data grids have been resolved.
  • Double clicking on the scroll bar within the search results popup no longer loads a record.
  • The user can now search for a Patient using the following format - Surname + Forename.
  • An issue in Analysis Code Maintenance where a 'Name' code was automatically being saved, has been resolved.
  • The columns within the patient search popup have been reordered with Reference Number being added.
  • A small white line has been removed from the search popup.
  • The remaining credits shown when creating an SMS message are now accurate.
  • Printing a GOS form for a patient now saves a copy of the form in the Patients Documents tab.
  • When printing a document for a patient the user can now double click on a document to initiate the print routine.
  • Speed improvements in displaying the Patient Print popup have been applied.
  • An error caused when changing the Surname field to Maiden in Patients, has been resolved.
  • The order of the template types has been changed when trying to print a template for a patient.
  • An issue where a printed template was overwriting the original template format has been resolved.
  • Throughout the software an issue has been resolved where Bold, Italic or Underlined could not be turned off when writing a Note.
  • A saved staff member is now automatically displayed in the search grid in Contact Maintenance.
  • A Contact can no longer be edited to have no Type.
  • Rx Values can now be edited and deleted even when in use on patient records.
  • The Delete ToDo icon in the Activity Pane now prompts the user for confirmation.
  • Improvements to the appointment booking process have been applied.
  • The user can now specify whether a template should auto print rather than being displayed before printing.
  • The name of the template being edited has been added to Template Maintenance.
  • Contact Number fields now appear in the list of merge fields in Templates Maintenance.
  • Numerous improvements to the Template Editor have been applied.
  • A fatal error, when using AND & OR together, in the Data Generator has been resolved.
  • Security has been updated throughout the software.

Optisoft.NET v1.0.17208

  • Patient Print Popup has been increased in size.
  • Introduction of OptiPost into Optisoft.NET
  • Text Editor now has the ability to handle Text Boxes. Vertical Ruler instated.
  • Bug fix for future ToDo's not showing correctly.
  • Bug Fix for an error that occurred in Diary Scheduling

Optisoft.NET v1.0.17187

  • Prevent changing the patient on a previously saved appointment
  • Reprinting historical recalls now merges the correct information
  • Correction to Appointment suppression
  • Issue found with Email signatures has now been corrected

Optisoft.NET v1.0.17171

  • Patient Search will now order it's results in alphabetical order on the Surname field.
  • Patient Mobile field can now be set to recommended.
  • Redesign for Contact, Group and Group Contact screens.
  • Contact Salutation is now auto selected.
  • Contact and Contact Group now have postcode addressing.
  • SMS to landline fallback has been removed.
  • Appointment booking screen now contains a Historical list of the Active Patients appointments.
  • Appointment Notifications can now longer be added to patients that lack the necessary information needed to send them.
  • Appointment Schedule report will no longer show cancelled appointments.
  • Multiple minor design changes to Lookup Maintenance.
  • Added compression to the Backup Utility.
  • Error with Group Contact not saving or displaying properly has been resolved.
  • Error when leaving the software on overnight has been resolved.