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The recall module allows you to easily manage your correspondence with your customers.

Recall Module

Optisoft.Net now features dedicated methods for sending Letters, Labels, Emails and SMS Messages as well as generating ToDos to help you retain your customers.

The Recall Graph

The Recall Graph is designed to show you 12 periods of your up and coming recalls.

The Graph has numerous filters so it can be easily manipulated to show you exact information about how and when you are recalling your patients.

The Run Tab

The Run tab is where you process your recalls.

Recall History

The History tab contains a comprehensive list of all the Recall Runs that you have processed through the Recall module.

Recall Enclosures

Recall Enclosures allow you to attach additional literature or inserts into your Patient Recalls based on a set of criteria relevant your own needs.

Using the Recall Module

There are 3 major uses of the Recall module.

Processing Patient Recalls

Printing from Recall History

Using Recall Enclosures

Setting up the Recall Module

Maintaining the Recall Module