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Optisoft.Net has a built in Auto Save feature to help you with the general everyday use of the software.

This feature differs from the way most programs handle the saving of information, so it is important that you understand how it works.

What is Auto Save

As suggested, Auto Save is designed to automatically save unsaved information, without the user having to manually tell the software to do so.

The main aspects of Auto Save are to:

  • Enhance the software's ease of use.
  • Prevent the user constantly having to click the Save button after every entry of information.
  • Speed up the general everyday usage of the software.
  • Prevent the over usage of Message Popups/Prompts within the software.

How does Auto Save work

Auto Save has 2 main rules:

1) Should there be sufficient information to save a record (anything more than the minimum requirements), the software will automatically save it.

2) Should there not be sufficient information to save a record, the software will automatically discard it.

To help the user identify when these rules will be applied the Save button (and therefore Auto Save) will only be enabled, once the minimum requirements for the relevant form have been entered.

Then the rules are applied on the following user actions:

  • Clicking the New button
  • Clicking the Back button
  • Entering a maintenance screen (from either the toolbar or via an on screen button)
  • Searching for an existing item
  • Selecting a new item from a data grid
  • Changing modules
  • Closing the software
  • Clicking the Save button when duplicates items are not allowed

It is important to remember that manual saving is always available (should the save icon be enabled), and that at no point will the software lose unsaved information, without reason.