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The Records screen is used to manage all information that directly relates to your patients.

Patient Module

When you open Optisoft.NET it will display a blank record, in the Patients Module.

At this point you can either enter a new record, or you can retrieve the details of existing record.

Using the Patients Module

Creating a New Patient

Entering a New Patient into Optisoft.NET is as simple as filling out the Record Form and clicking Save. For further information please select from the options below.

Adding a Patient Record

Adding Analysis Codes

Creating a Prescription

Assigning a Recall

Adding Notes

Saving Documents

Creating a ToDo

Printing GOS Forms

Finding Patients

Optisoft.NET contains an Intelli-Search facility that allows you to search through the entire record data set, without specifying a specific field first.


Alternatively you can simply ask Optisoft.Net to display the full list of patient records by clicking the Search button.

In both cases the results can then easily be filtered.

Information Tab Area

Optisoft.Net features an Information Tab Area, that holds all the information regarding the current selected record. In addition to the information held, the Tab Area allows you to view the patient record at any one time, so you are not constantly clicking between screens.

Information Tab Area

Each Tab, aside from the Email SMS Tab, works to a uniform method. Tabs can also be reordered to suit your own needs by dragging and dropping them into the order you wish.

There are 3 buttons on each tab, New, Edit and Delete. The Email SMS Tab replaces it's Edit button with a 2nd New button, one for each contact method.

Tab Buttons

Pressing a Tab and then the New button will give you a new instance of that tabs description. Please note that the Prescription tab requires you to select which type of prescription you need, before clicking on the New button.

In order to Edit saved information, you must first select the line of information you wish to change, then click the Edit button. Double left clicking will have the same effect.

The same method applies to Deleting a line of information, however you will get a confirmation message box appear, to prevent the incorrect deletion of information.

All aspects that are described above can be restricted, per user, from Security Maintenance.

Setting Up The Patients Module

Some of the details that you will be using in the Patient Records module require some setting up beforehand.

They will also require maintenance during the system’s life, for example Optometrist’s details may change as the practice grows.

Most of the Maintenance in Optisoft.NET can be done on the fly, or through the Maintenance Tab located in the menu ribbon at the top of the screen.

Maintaining the Patient Module